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"There's got to be better way to do this!"

Whether you're talking about tackling a complex excel or getting people to buy tickets to your next event, we're all looking for better, faster and more efficient ways to do things. That's where I come in. I'm OBSESSED with being uber productive, using technology to reach our goals and lessen our loads.

Work with me today via trainings, speaking or consulting to transform your business or event process today!





Liz King Events is a forward-thinking event planning firm committed to strategically implemented brand events and a high-caliber guest experience. As the creator of signature events, LKE brings our extensive event planning expertise, love for technology and engaging approach to our clients to help them carry out their brand’s mission.

We love WORKING WITH forward-thinking entrepreneurs and brands who see events as powerful tools for growing their brand and deepening the engagement with their target audience. These brands are constantly evolving and utilize our services to reflect that philosophy. They have established audiences and are ready to invest in live events to take their company to the next level.

Conference and Meeting Planning

From large conferences to private gatherings, we coordinate every logistical detail. We work synergistically with your team to plan and execute a seamless event.

Branding Events

In order to create a valuable event for your brand, we immerse ourselves in your style, philosophy and design to provide optimum brand awareness for your consumers.

Product Launches

A memorable product launch includes strategic activations on-site supported by measurable social engagement. We use our tech expertise to curate a successful event that meets all your launch goals.


techsytalk is an edutainment platform created to elevate the conversation around the discovery and implementation of avant-garde event technology and raise the profile of our industry. Our dream is for techsytalk to be the catalyst that helps usher in the new wave of evolving event technology and ultimately propel the events industry to unprecedented heights of techsyness.

Great events focus on every aspect of the attendee experience. We're talking about technology, room setups, innovative ways to add fun to events and more. In short - we're helping make your events more badass.

techsytalk LIVE

Our annual conference is a playground for new technology and event experience best practices. Join leading event planners to experiment and establish new ways of engaging your attendees.

Event Experience Consulting

We create content on our blog a regular basis to inspire, educate and connect you with innovative ideas.


FOUNDHER NETWORK was built for high-achieving women who know that the secret to their success is their network. Our community is all about it’s members – who provide support, education and resources to each other.

For the female founder who bleeds hustle, this network will provide you with all the resources you need to scale your business to the next level (and the level after that!).

What will you get?

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can tune in and out of conversations that will help you grow. Get notified when the community is talking about something you need and ignore what’s not related.
  • Online education – scheduled and recorded so you can join live or watch the recordings.
  • Access to a network of high-achieving entrepreneurial women who have experienced the same things you are going through right now. We’ll learn from each other, share war stories and help each other get to the next level. Imagine getting marketing advice from someone who does that for a living, and in return, you can help them in your area of expertise.
  • Sharing your brand with a wider audience – we’ll be hosting a podcast featuring our members, we’ll share each other’s new projects and we’ll brainstorm ways we can use our collective influence to reach masses of people.


After ten years of experience in the events industry, I’ve learned that my single best strength is helping people work more efficiently. Sometimes it’s an entrepreneur who needs to get more work done in less time so they have time to focus on business GROWTH. Other times, it’s an event that needs a facelift to better engage their attendees by using technology to enhance the planning process, boost their marketing, increase on-site engagement or create meaningful post-event follow up.

I work with various organizations through training, speaking and consulting - all with the goal of making your life easier and more effective.


  • Tech Tips for A More Productive Life
  • 25+ Creative Ways to Integrate Technology Into Your Events
  • MAKE IT HAPPEN: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity for Entrepreneurs


  • Mystery Guest - Let us sneak into your event as a guest and help you see all the ways you could better engage your audience.
  • Process Consulting - This one-on-one consulting is a great way to analyze your daily business processes and find ways to save time!



As someone who is passionate about an engaging event experience, you can bet my sessions are engaging, relevant and packed with value. Below is a partial list of speaking sessions offered for your brand and organization. All of the topics below can be customized to your needs and audience.


Attendees have a shorter attention span than ever, so what are you doing to better engage them with your conference and events? In this session, we'll talk about how to use fun to create a better connection with your attendees and keep them engaged and loyal to your events for years to come!

Learning Objectives:

- Understand the role that FUN has in events
- Create a plan to better engage their event attendees before, during and after an event
- Integrate 3 new ideas into their next event


Overwhelmed by the number of apps that can help you stay organized or book your flight? Need a primer on how to use your phone for more than checking email and catching up on Facebook? With all this technology at your fingertips, learn how to maximize your use of the tools available to make you a more informed and efficient employee, especially when it comes to managing meetings.
Learning Objectives:
-Discuss different apps to help increase your productivity.
-Identify new pieces of technology that can help you manage your meetings more efficiently.


Whether you're looking to improve your next event or your business development plan, my tailored consulting sessions can help. I pull on my range of experiences to help you better engage your attendees, build a business successfully or integrate technology like social media into your business or events.

Social Media Consulting

We'll sit down together and review your social media channels. We'll talk about the branding of your social channels, content and sharing strategy.

Website Consulting

Having a strong presence to tell people about the work you do is very important. In this session, we'll look at your website presence and give you tips on how to better market yourself, reach your target audience and create a funnel that will drive you traffic.

Event Experience Consulting

If you host events, you know that a great experience for attendees, speakers, sponsors and other stakeholders is paramount. In this consulting, we'll help you with technology integration, new engagement ideas, marketing tactics and more!


You've got to rethink your events strategy so that you can continue to attract, retain and engage your attendees - your most valuable asset. In this service, I will attend your event as a regular attendee and produce a report packed with ideas on how to better engage your attendees from the moment you grab their attention until the last engagement with them.


And yet many events are losing attendance year after year. When it comes down to it, it's all about engagement. In today's busy society you've got to get (and then keep) your attendee's attention in a very competitive world. And that's not easy, but we're here to help.

Liz King recently served as our Keynote Speaker at the first annual MPI Georgia and SITE Southeast Tech Summit in Atlanta, GA on March 17, 2016. Her expertise, poise, diverse knowledge of the industry proved to be the foundation we needed to kick-off the meeting. So many of the attendees commented they would come again to a meeting just to hear Liz King speak…and I concur. Liz’s knowledge of technology and the application to the events industry is truly unparalleled. She brings such a unique perspective and yet she makes us feel like we can all be experts by the end of her talk.

Colleen McQuone

President, McQ1 Meetings
Liz King is an uncovered gem! She inspired all our participants at What the Tech at MPI Ottawa this February with her new ideas and innovations! She thinks outside the box and stimulates planners to innovate with their conferences and events. Her knowledge of technology is amazing and she is a great source of information.

Joanne St. Pierre

Manager, Meetings and Conventions, Niagara Falls Tourism
Liz is highly regarded as one of the most influential social media bloggers and marketing personalities in the events industry. Her name alone gives any event instant credibility.

Lindsay Fultz

Influencer Strategist